History of MCBS

The Birth of Our Congregation: In the beginning of the twentieth century itself the Eucharistic-centered re-awakening in the life of the Church, initiated by the Holy Pope Pius X (1902-1914), had its impact on the Syro-Malabar Church. There was also a new missionary awareness and enthusiasm in this Apostolic Church. It was in this historical setting that the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (MCBS) was born.

God hasAlakulam 125x125 been preparing two great men (mahatmas) in the persons of Father Mathew Alakalam and Father Joseph Paredom to take up this new charism in the Church, who in fulfilment of their life-long religious and missionary aspirations outlined a new way of religious life in the Church: the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament.

Paredom 125x125

In 1933, the jubilee year of the redemptive sacrifice of our Lord, on Sunday 7th May, the feast of St. Joseph’s patronage, in the mission church at Mallappally, Mar James Kalacherry, bishop of Changanacherry, established the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament.

1933 May 07 Founding of the MCBS
1936 Dec. 31 Blessing of the Mother House
1937 May 05 First Novitiate
1937 Aug. 15 Profession of the Members
1947 Mar. 18 First Ordination to Priesthood
1957 May 18 Opening of the Minor Seminary
1958 May 07 Silver Jubilee of the Congregation
1961 May 30 Blessing of MCBS Study House, Aluva
1962 June 21 Approval of the Constitution
1969 May 27 Missionaries to Madhya Pradesh & Assam
1972 Aug. 21 Death of Fr. Joseph Paredom
1974 May 18 Blessing of Novitiate House, Kanjirapally
1977 June 09 Promulgation of the renewed Constitution
1977 Dec. 21 Death of Fr. Mathew Alakalam
1978 June 24 Shimoga Mission entrusted to MCBS
1978 July 03 Inauguration of Shimoga MCBS Mission
1981 Jan. 26 Blessing of Generlate, Chunangamvely
1983 May 07 Golden Jubilee of the Congregation
1989 May 25 Promulgation of the revised Rule of Life
1989 Aug. 18 Missionaries to Rajasthan
1989 Dec. 02 Congregation raised to Pontifical status
1992 May 07 Satara – Solapur Mission entrusted to MCBS
1995 May 04 Erection of Emmaus Region & Zion Region
1996 July 03 Inauguation Jeevalaya Philosophate, Bangalore
1996 Aug. 21 Inauguration of Sengottai Mission
1996 Dec. 02 Erection of Emmaus Province & Zion Province
1996 Dec. 18 Nomination of first Bishop from the Congregation
1997 Feb. 08 Consecration of Mar Thomas Elavanal
1997 May 21 First Provincial Synaxis
1997 May 28 Blessing of Novitiate House at Chempery
1997 Aug. 21 25th Death Anniversary of Fr. Paredom
1998 Oct. 29 Definitive Appribation for The Rule of Life
2002 Dec 21 25th Death Anniversary of Fr. Alakalam
2003 July 03 Silver Jubilee of Shimoga MCBS Mission
2004 July 07 Inauguration of Sanathana Theologate
2007 May 07 Inauguration of Platinum Jubilee Celebration
2007 July 28 Inauguration of Adilabad Mission
2007 Oct. 25 Consecration of Mar Joseph Arumachadath
2008 May 07 Conclusion of Platinum Jubilee Celebration
2009 Mar 01 Erection of Maharashtra Region
2009 may 12 The mortal remains of our venerable Founders were exumed and reburied temporarly at Athirampuzha